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Termite Inspection Reports

Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms Inspection Report
Better known as a Termite Inspection

The standard (Full) termite inspection will cover the following details but not limited to just these items.
The inspector may point out other conditions in his report that are connected or related to an infestation.

Please note:  This inspection is looking for wood destroying pest and organisms (AKA a termite inspection report), sometimes called a pest report.

If it can eat a house and is recognized by the Structural Pest Control Act as a Wood destroying pest and organisms then it should be part of a termite inspection report.
These reports cover all this and can cover so much more.

Limited Inspection

Many times a client that is not selling or buying a home but rather is a homeowner that has discovered a termite infestation may request a limited inspection and would like one of our inspectors to come and take a look at the evidence. They may not want or need an inspector to look at every wall, closet or bedroom/bathroom. So we are asked to only look at the areas of interest the client has found evidence of termites or Wood Boring Beetles. We always inform the client on the value of a full inspection.

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Termite Inspection

Many times we do not see the termites anywhere inside or outside of our homes. But that does not mean they are not there
Doing what they do.  To a termite our homes are but a tree that is dead.

We see termites flying about mostly after a short rain.  They may only swarm once or twice a year and you may not see them until they have done considerable damage.

EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING inspectors are experts in knowing the location and signs of a termite infestation, we thoroughly inspect your building looking for:

Termites survive on the food content of wood. Wood is a major common building material in buildings throughout the United States. Many commercial buildings have unknown infestation of termites. The hard fact is that termite infestations do more structural damage every year than fire and floods combined.


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