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Tent Fumigation with Vikane® Gas

Sometimes tent fumigation is the only way to achieve 100% effectiveness in a building. The complete structure is covered and a gas is injected into all areas of the building. The gas will find its way into every compartment, wall void, attic area and under the structure and a 100 % positive kill is provided with the fumigation process. Unlike the local treatment which is limited to the accessible local areas of the infested part of the home.

The gas used is SULFURYL FLUORIDE (VIKANE®) With CHLOROPICRIN as a warning agent.

Check out these excellent videos on termites and Vikane® from Dow on our new video page!

Home Inspections and Fumigation

Excellence Exterminating Co., Inc. can provide an inspection of your home or building and advise you on the proper plan to meet your needs and budget.

The number one question always asked: Is fumigation a safe process for my family and home? 

And the best answer I have is YES, I believe it is safe.  Homes are fumigated everyday. You are exposed to more pollution by putting gasoline in your car. 


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Other facts:
Just about all our food commodities worldwide are fumigated. This is a vital service for our food industry.
The use of methyl bromide gas has provided protection of our valuable products and raw grains for a very long time.
Truck trailers, shipping containers, food processing facilities and warehouses. Fumigation ensure that the stored grain remains protected against pests. This provides long term management service to protect our foods from grain pests.

You can find more information from the US Food and Agriculture Dept.

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