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Thorough control that lasts

Altriset® achieves full termite control within three months, with results lasting for years afterward.

Low environmental impact

Stops feeding in hours

Altriset® paralyzes the mouths of termites and halts feeding in hours, providing immediate structural protection. Through grooming and other interaction, it is passed on to the entire colony.

Dupont Altriset

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Home Inspections and Fumigation

Cold Compression Injection

A freeze treatment (Cold Compression Injection) for dry-wood termites to the underside framing of a second story balcony. After the injection using our FLIR BX320 Infrared camera, the inspector can now see the amount of damage done from the dry-wood termites. The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera shows that the boards needed to be replaced as the deck proves to be unsafe for use. Read more ...

termites in deck

Tent fumigation with Vikane gas

Sometimes tent fumigation is the only way to achieve 100% effectiveness read more...


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Orange Oil

How Does Orange Oil Kill Termites?

The active ingredient of orange oil is D-Limonene, a chemical known to be an effective insecticide against a variety of pests from flies, mosquitoes, ants, crickets and mites. Scientists say that the oil dissolves the termite's exoskeleton, destroying the insect's cell membranes and triggering a lethal chain of events that ends with the bug dying from massive losses of water and protein.

We safely know where the Orange Oil is going.

Orange Oil made from orange rinds, is very effective as a termite treatment tool. The perfect combinations: Infrared Camera, Cold Compression Injection with Orange Oil.


Fungus Infection/Dry-Rot and Termite Damage Repairs

Call Excellence Exterminating Co., Inc. for information about our inspection and repair services. Read more about wood deck repair

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