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Local Treatments for the Drywood Termite

EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING CO., INC. offers programs for home, apartment, commercial properties and/or multi-unit condo/buildings. Our California State licensed Branch #3 termite inspector will provide you an inspection of the infested areas of your home or building. Upon completion, the inspector will inform you of the location of your property’s dry-wood termite infestation.

Your inspector will also give you the best type of treatment program for your home or building. The accessibility of the dry-wood termites may determine how best to treat the termite infestation via local spot treatments or a full structure tent fumigation.

Many times a full structure tent fumigation is not the best option for our clients. EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING CO., INC has multiple alternative local treatment programs that may be the best option to suit your needs.

Talk to your inspector for more information.

This video shows our local deep freeze treatment.

Our Dry-wood Termite local and/or Spot Treatment programs consist of locating all dry-wood termite access points. We begin with our freezing treatment. Creating a few small holes in the infested wood members is sometimes required to access termite activity. Once the termites have been found, the areas are injected with our freezing treatment and then viewed by the inspector with our FLIR infrared thermal imaging camera. With this advanced tech camera, the inspector is able to see the dry-wood termite veins/voids inside the boards. Much like a doctor, upon injecting dye into our arteries, is able to see our bodies veins and arteries. With this information the inspector can safely inject the proper treatment plan to kill the dry-wood termite infestation. Once completed the termites inside the board will then transfer the products to each other by contact and dying shortly thereafter.

Many of our clients ask us, "What is the best way to get a 100% kill on Dry-wood termites?"

Tent Fumigation is the most effective way to 100% fully eradicate the Dry-wood termite infestation. It is also used to kill bed bugs, cockroaches and wood boring beetles. This process is also known as tenting. Tarps are used to cover 100% of your home for three to five days. A Vikane gas fumigant is injected under the tent and the gas penetrates all the areas of structure reaching termites and/or other pests within the tent. Vikane rapidly penetrates through wood members of the structure to kill pests through suffocation. After fumigation, Vikane Gas leaves no residues or odor.

Home Inspections and Fumigation


Home Inspections and Fumigation