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Termite Inspection Service for Home Buyers and Sellers

All inspection reports for wood destroying pests and organisms in the State of California are done according to the Structural Pest Control Act:


Ron Bibler, CA State Branch # 3, Building Inspectors Lic # OPR 7627

I am very honored to have the opportunity to be your inspector. I take every inspection very seriously and knowing that you have entrusted me with your inspection is a real privilege. I understand the significance and financial commitment of your investment in real property. I always work hard to make sure the inspection is done to the highest standard using my 35 years of experience of inspecting over 25,000 homes, commercial buildings, and even large yachts, is to your advantage. I always welcome and encourage you, the buyer or seller, to inspect the home with me. Attending your inspection will help you understand the report and give you first hand knowledge of all the conditions of the property.

Our inspectors have a passion for inspecting buildings and finding infestation of termites – wood boring beetles – fungus damage, aka Dry-Rot, excessive moisture conditions, along with many other conditions. For more information see for a copy of the Structural Pest Control Act.

I do not try to use soft words to describe the condition or the extent of an infestation or infection. Your report will have photos showing the true condition for all to see. If requested, a cost for repairs or treatments will be part of your report. You should understand that the cost reflected for each item is base upon the cost of an employee with workers compensation insurance, any building permits required, and a prevailing wage. The total repairs listed in your report may not be the total cost required to complete the repairs or cover unknown conditions or cover any material upgrades.

I take the camera under the home, up in the attic, and will sometimes take over 300 photos of any given inspection. Then, only the photos that need to be in the report are printed. If you would like copies of all the photos taken please let your inspector know.  We will provide them to you at no extra charge via email.

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It is good for you the buyer or seller to employ your own inspector.


EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING CO. INC inspectors are State licensed professionals. Your termite inspection report for the sale process of real estate is the same for buyers and/or sellers. These reports are unbiased. You may be the person paying for the inspection report and the inspector is working for you.  However, you should understand that this will have no effect on the outcome of the report as the inspector is bound by the Structural Pest Control Act. You may ask the inspector to limit the inspection to areas of the building or ask the inspector to not list any cost on the report.  If you need more information please ask the inspector.


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