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Second Opinion Termite Inspections

Have you been told that you have termites? Get a second opinion. Call EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING CO INC today.

All our inspection reports are provided with photos of the infested or infected areas. This helps you see and understand just what the inspector is talking about.

Beside the cost factor, what other considerations are being offered in your contract?  My advice, get a second opinion. 

Many times I have been called out to give a second opinion regarding a termite inspection for a real estate transaction and found missed or overlooked problems by the previous inspector. An overlooked termite infestation or termite damage could cost a buyer thousands of dollars down the road.

We provide treatment for Subterranean Termites, Wood boring beetles, Fungus infection, Carpenter Ants. It is always in your best interest to seek a second opinion. 

Call EXCELLENCE for a second option or bid on Dry-wood termite local treatments / Tent Fumigation today.

Cost concerns are a good reason for a second opinion, but it should not be the only reason.  Other considerations in your contract as well as an inspector that offers the best options for your individual needs, and whom is looking to make sure those needs are met, should also be reasons for a second opinion.  EXCELLENCE strives to satisfy those reasons.  Call EXCELLENCE today.


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Protect your home and your investment, call Excellence Exterminating, Inc. for a second opinion.

Call 707-570-2000