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Termites and your commercial property

Termites survive on the food content of wood.  Wood is a major common building material in buildings throughout the United States. Many commercial buildings have unknown infestation of termites. The hard fact is that termite infestations do more structural damage every year than fire and floods combined.

An Expert Termite Inspection

With over 35 years of professional experience in commercial buildings, homes, condominium and apartment building termite control Our systematic inspection and treatment programs can detect the presence of termites and estimate the severity of activity and damage. We provide you with important information so you can make an intelligent decision and help you with the necessary steps to protect your real estate investment.

Watch our video as we show you how we look into the walls of your building

Termite Inspection

Maybe you do not see termites anywhere inside or outside of your facility. That does not mean they are not there – literally eating away at the integrity of your building and into the cost of doing business.

Termites only swarm once or twice a year and you may not see them until they have done considerable damage. EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING experts know the location and signs of a termite infestation we thoroughly inspect your building looking for:

Termite Treatments: Fumigation: Infrared Imaging

Thermal Imaging By Ron Bibler.  

Ron is a leading authority with Infrared Imaging and a Level 1 ASNT Certified Thermographer. American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

Introduction to Infrared Thermal Imaging to help find and eliminate termites.

This state of the art technique uses thermal loading of hot or cold injection to show the inspector the exact location of the infestation and show the inspector how good of a job at killing termites he has done. This is the most effective way with proven time tested results.

EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING technicians can identify and isolate the specific locations of drywood termite activity, Subterranean termite activity and expose these areas for our Cold Compression Injection treatment system. 

Contact Ron for more information regarding Infrared Thermal Imaging. This is one of his passions to share this new information and to help building owners with the new information.


Sometimes a local treatment program is not going to provide our client’s requirements and only a full gas tent fumigation is the next best option. Your Inspector Ron Bibler can help you with information and all the details of a tent fumigation. Tent Fumigants have the ability to reach pest/termites/wood boring beetles in hollow wall areas that may be inaccessible or unsafe working Conditions, even in the voids of a board. Sulfuryl Fluoride, the ingredient of Vikane Gas, developed for structural fumigation and used particularly against drywood termites and wood boring beetles. The Vikane Gas is nonflammable and non-staining, and has no reaction materials in a structure.

Whatever your needs are, we can help you find the problems and provide the answers.

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Many clients request our infrared thermal imaging and treatment program for termite eradication over the tent fumigation. Benefits, including:  

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