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Cause and Origin – Subrogation

Our California State Licensed Inspectors/Investigators can document for accountability, insurance or poor workmanship.

Water intrusion issues no longer have to affect your bottom line.

Our knowledgeable staff will investigate and provide you the cause and origin documentation you need to enforce your company's subrogation policy. Do not let the insurance company say "it's not our problem". Afford your company the ability to recover warranty expenses caused by poor workmanship and faulty materials as it relates to water damage and water intrusion issues.

Home Inspections and Fumigation

Do you suspect faulty plumbing, leaking window, roof leaks, water intrusion?

Why is it leaking and who is at fault?

Water intrusion can cause a shocking amount of damage to your home in a short time. If left alone a FUNGUS infection will set in. Without any warnings or signs they cause billions of dollars a year worth of damage to homes and buildings nationwide.

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Camera systems

Excellence Exterminating has pioneered a new system of building damage assessment FLIR BX320 and FLIR B2 (patent pending). Along with our state of the art FLIR Infrared Cameras, we use modern up-to-date testing equipment, TRAMEX and Delmhorst moisture meters and Ridge Probing Snake Cameras. With these technologies we can provide you with Information to document areas of concerns. No need to drill holes for the inspection. A.S.N.T.

Schedule an appointment today and one of our California State Licensed Moisture expert inspectors will come to your office and formulate a personalized inspection plan that is specific to your situation.

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