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My Promise to You

Choosing the right Inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods and yes, different pricing.

One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work, a lot of work. Ultimately a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector's own effort. If you honor me to be your inspector, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort.

This is my promise to you.

Ron Bibler

Since 1997, Excellence Exterminating has helped over ten thousand families buy and sell their homes in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties.

Home Inspections and Fumigation

Drywood Termites and Historic Buildings

September 5, 2014 

Sonoma County is an amazing place to live and work, so rich in history and full of life and just about perfect weather all year around. One part of life in Sonoma county is the drywood termite.

As a local termite company, EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING CO. INC was honored with the contract to provide Inspection and treatment service to The Bell Tower of the Sonoma town square building.

Sonoma Town Square Bell Tower

Working on an old building like the Sonoma Town Square Bell Tower is very exciting and a fantastic opportunity to study the drywood termites. We know the building is around 100 years old. The trees used in the construction of this old building may be well over a 1,000 years old.

An old wise tale says that termites will not eat redwood. We know this to be a false tale.

Redwood trees first cut down and still fresh have a black sap-stain that is a natural inhibitor against termites, wood boring beetles and wood destroying fungi. But as the new cut boards dry out, the redwood board can then be eaten by Termites and Beetles.

Ron Bibler is A Level 1 ASNT Certified Thermogapher. American Society for Nondestructive Testing. With the use of our BX320 FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging camera we can see the amount of wood a termite has excavated out of the center of a board. This is very important to our inspection of a historic building.

Termite Inspections and Infrared Thermal Imaging

February 18, 2014 

This state of the art technique uses thermal loading of hot or cold injection to show the inspector the exact location of the infestation and show the inspector how good of a job at killing termites he has done. This is the most effective way with proven time tested results.
EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING technicians can identify and isolate the specific locations of drywood termite activity, Subterranean termite activity and expose these areas for our Cold Compression Injection treatment system.

Contact Ron for more information regarding Infrared Thermal Imaging. This is one of his passions to share this new information and to help building owners with the new information.

Infrared Roof Leaks

This interior dinning room ceiling had a very bad problem. But no one could see the roof leaks/damage. The power of the FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Exposed this roof leak saving this buyer Thousands of dollars in repair cost. No one could see this roof leak. Real Estate agents had been looking over this area for sometime as the house was up for sale. But our eyes could not this problem. Turns out this ceiling had more then just some wet and damage sheet-rock. The roof framing above this ceiling was damaged by FUNGUS and MOLD due to a roof leak.

Infrared Thermal Imaging should always be a part of your inspection program. Ask your Real Estate agents if they like the power of the FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. You just may be surprised by the answer you get…

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Termite Inspection Service for Home Buyers and Sellers

January 18, 2014 

All inspection reports for wood destroying pests and organisms in the State of California are done according to the Structural Pest Control Act:


Ron Bibler, CA State Branch # 3, Building Inspectors Lic # OPR 7627

I am very honored to have the opportunity to be your inspector. I take every inspection very seriously and knowing that you have entrusted me with your inspection is a real privilege. I understand the significance and financial commitment of your investment in real property. I always work hard to make sure the inspection is done to the highest standard using my 35 years of experience of inspecting over 25,000 homes, commercial buildings, and even large yachts, is to your advantage. I always welcome and encourage you, the buyer or seller, to inspect the home with me. Attending your inspection will help you understand the report and give you first hand knowledge of all the conditions of the property.

Read more at our Home Buyers and Sellers and Home Inspection pages.

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Commercial Termite Inspection and Control/Repairs

January 26, 2014 

Termites and your commercial property

Termites survive on the food content of wood.  Wood is a major common building material in buildings throughout the United States. Many commercial buildings have unknown infestation of termites. The hard fact is that termite infestations do more structural damage every year than fire and floods combined.

An Expert Termite Inspection

With over 35 years of professional experience in commercial buildings, homes, condominium and apartment building termite control Our systematic inspection and treatment programs can detect the presence of termites and estimate the severity of activity and damage. We provide you with important information so you can make an intelligent decision and help you with the necessary steps to protect your real estate investment.

Read more at our Commercial Control and Repairs and Commercial Building Inspection pages.

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Drywood Termites

June 11, 2013 

The Dry-wood termite is one of California's most destructive termite only after the western subterranean termite.

These little guys can be very hard to find...  Detecting dry-wood termite...  Homes have key areas that these little guys can be found like in the garage wall framing look on the top wall plate and adjacent to the garage door. The attic is another key location you will need to move the insulation around some. look for wings and droppings.  Under the home is another key place. look around the vents I found some just today in an air vent. Your going to want to consult a pest control professional. Store counter products are not going to work with drywood termites.


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Carpenter Ants

June 9, 2013 

Carpenter ants are a very common home invader in California. Normally they are found in logs, tree stumps. However, they will invade our homes in search a for food. Carpenter ants do not eat wood like a termite they tunnel into a board or wall or ceiling and excavate the building materials like foamed insulation board to make a satellite nests. Carpenter ants can cause structural damage. We can find them in the city and in our country homes. All over the North-Bay. Marin/Sonoma and up the California coast. In a home in Healdsburg I found Carpenter eggs in one part of a walls framing. Now in this same wall one board over was an infestation of Subterranean termites. Strange bed-fellows. Subterranean termites and Carpenter ants are not the best of friends. They are natural enemies.

Carpenter ant inspection. Our inspector will locate the colony in your home. Finding the Carpenter ant colony is a key part in the treatment. Once we find the nest the inspector can apply an insecticide directly into the nest.

EXCELLENCE EXTERMINATING CO. INC. has a very detailed program for the treatment of Carpenter ants.

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